Welcome to the European Krav Maga Academy.

Before joining the the EKMA or Academy, you’ll need to attend to a free test session wich can be booked on https//ekma.reservio.com. For free trial, only Krav Maga on Tuesday and Sunday, Tigress, Krav Fit and Opsfit are available. 

After receiving an invite (by mail) for the free test session, you will learn to know us, and we’ll learn to know you.

Before attending Krav Maga on Thursday and Saturday and Combat sessions on Thursday you wil need to attend to a few Krav Maga sessions on Tuesday and Sunday, Tigress or Krav Fit sessions first. This allows us to teach you some basics.

What do you need to know?

– We don’t accept just anyone, we don’t like macho’s and people with big ego issues.

– We don’t practice the choreographic ‘styles’ you sometimes see on Youtube.

– Krav Maga is about solving problems.

– There is no such thing as a Krav Maga competition. 

– The EKMA is run by 2 professional, full time instructors.

– The training facility is ours… this means that we don’t depend on other groups.

– We have coffee and tea in our cafetaria (bring your own bottle of water for training).

– We prefer you to come too early than too late…


What to expect?

A group of nice people willing  to learn and share their insights without ego getting in the way. Usefull, simple self protection techniques. A great atmosphere.

– Krav Maga Tuesday and Sunday, low to mid intensity, starting with a warming up, Krav Maga basics.

– Krav Maga Thursday and Saturday, mid to high intensity, starting with a warming up. Focus on solving real world problems.

– Tigress, mid to high intensity woman related Self Protection training.

– Combat Training , micro sparring sessions, scenario’s in our training bus / Nightclub… You will need a helmet and MMA gloves!

– K-Tag, ‘competitive’ Knife Fighting. You will NOT learn how to fight with knives for Self Protection. This is pure fun.

– Krav Fit, intensive Combat related Fitness. Punching, kicking on shields, bags. No contact.

– OpsFit, high intensity Functional Fitness, bodyweight + dumbell, barbells, kettlebells, plyoboxes… 

– Shoot! Target practice with laser equiped replica’s on reactive targets.

What do you need for the free session?

A towel and a bottle of water. Sportive clothing and shoes with a clean sole. 


What about the language

Our trainers speak (some kind of 😉 ) English and our students are always willing to translate. Please mind that it is impossible for our instructors to translate everything as this would take too much time. Lessons are in Dutch.


Berchemlei 103, 2140 Borgerhout (we don’t allow visitors, you can however book a free test session). Busses 20 and 33 are stopping nearby. There is a VELO station at 50m.

We also have a group training in Brasschaat, every Saturday at 11AM. 

What after the free session?

The next step is subscription, you have the choice between a training card with 10, 25, 50 or 100 sessions or a yearly subscription. If you really love us, there is also a lifetime subscription. You will also need groin protection, elbow protection, eye protection and an Academy T-Shirt. 

Book a free session on https://ekma.reservio.com

Need more info? Please mail europeankravmagaacademy@gmail.com